Dr. Daria Stakiw
Personalized audiology and hearing aid services so you can hear more clearly and be more engaged.

Dr. Daria Stakiw is a Board Certified audiologist and has been practicing audiology in hospitals, clinics and the educational setting for over 15 years, and in the Vail Valley for 13 years. With experience in diagnostic hearing and balance evaluations, dizziness treatment, hearing aid fitting and dispensing, as well as aural rehabilitation, Dr. Stakiw provides state of the art evaluations and treatment options. Dr. Stakiw has had several articles published in professional journals.

Using the best technology available, she determines exactly how to treat hearing loss in the most effective way. Our processes are curated to provide individualized results for each of our patients, giving us the ability to stop hearing loss in its tracks!

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Hearing Aid Styles & Brands

Your Path To Better Hearing!

Rocky Mountain Audiology offers hearing aids that come in a variety of designs along with a wide range of functions and features to address an individual's specific needs. The most basic components include a microphone, an amplifier, and a receiver. Modern digital hearing aids come from a powerful combination of professional expertise, software, and hardware. Take one of our hearing tests to see which is right for you!

Our hearing aid brands include:

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