Hearing Aid Technology

Today's hearing aids have come a long way! Try advanced digital hearing aids with Bluetooth or wireless compatibility and more!

Hearing Aid Technology

No matter what your hearing loss, level of social activity or financial budget, Rocky Mountain Audiology will help you find the appropriate hearing aids for you.

Hearing aids come in four technology levels: Premium, Advanced, Standard, and Entry. Selecting the proper hearing aid greatly depends on your lifestyle and, to a lesser degree, the actual loss. Are you active professionally and socially, what activities do you enjoy, are you in challenging environments, etc?

Dr. Stakiw takes this information along with evaluation results to guide you through the selection process to insure you get the hearing aid that best matches your needs and budget.

Premium Hearing Aids

You’re active and need to communicate with many people throughout the day. You spend time in loud and complex environments like noisy restaurants, sporting events or concerts.

  • Meetings
  • Shopping/Public Places
  • Religious/Educational Gatherings
  • Golf/Outdoor Activities
  • Challenging Lifestyle
Advanced Hearing Aids

Advanced hearing aids best assist individuals who live an active lifestyle

  • Restaurants
  • Large social functions
  • Music concerts/Theater
  • Travel
Standard Hearing Aids

Standard hearing aids best assist individuals who live a simple lifestyle

  • Activities at home
  • Watching television
  • Casual conversations
  • Card games/Small group activities
Entry Hearing Aids

Entry lines of hearing aids offer our patients smart features, previously exclusive to higher performance levels.

  • Quiet environments
  • One on one conversations
  • Non Automatic functions

Digital Hearing Aid Features

Hear Better With Dual Microphones

Dual microphones allow you to hear better in noisy situations. Some can even identify the source of the noise and reduce it!

Clear Hearing

Open technology that keeps the ear canal unobstructed eliminates that "talking in a barrel" effect.

Feedback Cancellation

Feedback cancellation does just that. It cancels feedback BEFORE you hear it as an annoying whistle.

Hands-Free Technology

Hearing aids will automatically connect to your cell phone or TV device!

Automated Technology

Hearing aids can automatically adjust to your listening environment - whether you are on the phone, in a crowd or in wind.


Your digital hearing aid can be programmed and re-programmed with a computer to meet your individualized need- even as they change.