Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Find out how to properly recognize the signs of hearing loss.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

If you think someone you know might have a hearing loss, take a look at this list of common signs. Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • They appear to hear people talk but have difficulty understanding some of the words.
  • They're constantly asking people to repeat themselves.
  • They have a hard time understanding women and children's voices.
  • They have a hard time understanding in a crowd.
  • It's hard for them to understand on the phone.
  • They prefer one ear over the other.
  • They complain of a ringing sensation in one or both ears.
  • They often appear uncomfortable in social occasions they used to enjoy.
  • They seem withdrawn, depressed or irritable.
  • Other friends or family members have noticed their difficulty hearing.

Do I Have A Hearing Problem?

Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer "yes" to three or more of these questions, you could have a hearing problem and may need to have your hearing checked by an audiologist.

  • Do I have a problem hearing on the telephone?
  • Do I have trouble hearing when there is noise in the background?
  • Is it hard for me to follow a conversation when two or more people talk at once?
  • Do I have to strain to understand a conversation?
  • Do many people I talk to seem to mumble (or not speak clearly)?
  • Do I misunderstand what others are saying and respond inappropriately?
  • Do I often ask people to repeat themselves?
  • Do I have trouble understanding the speech of women and children?
  • Do people complain that I turn the TV volume up too high?
  • Do I hear a ringing, roaring, or hissing sound a lot?
  • Do some sounds seem too loud?

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