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We're helping those with hearing loss! Living with hearing loss brings many challenges. Browse these helpful links for valuable hearing loss resources.

Links To Helpful Resources

Having a hearing loss can affect quality of life and cause changes in behavior and mood but it’s often the people around someone who is experiencing hearing loss that are left feeling confused and frustrated. Why do they seem to be ignoring you? Why do they no longer want to participate or venture out of their immediate environment? Learn how to detect signs of hearing loss and educate yourself on how you can become an advocate.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association is an association made up of audiologists, speech pathologists, scientists, and other professionals interested in the areas of hearing, speech or language. This is a great website to find out more about how the ear works, how our balance system works, and what is an audiologist. Also, a beneficial site for more information regarding speech therapy and other speech or voice treatment options.

The Better Hearing Institute

The Better Hearing Institute is well known for its up to date information for the hearing impaired. Whether it is a demonstration of what a hearing impaired person hears in background noise or the latest press release, this is an excellent site for further education regarding hearing loss.

How's Your Hearing?

How's Your Hearing is affiliated with the professional association of American Academy of Audiology (AAA). You can discover what services and products an audiologist provides, as well as where to find an audiologist in your area.

National Council On Aging

The National Council On Aging provides important information on how you can tell if you have hearing loss, how hearing loss can be hard on relationships, what causes hearing loss, and more information on how to get help. Explore more facts of hearing loss for older adults.

AARP - Hearing Loss Linked To Dementia

Adults with hearing loss are significantly more likely than adults with normal hearing to develop dementia, according to a new study out today from researchers at Johns Hopkins and the National Institute on Aging. The study – which finds that the greater the hearing loss, the higher the risk – may open a new avenue of research into dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

American Tinnitus Association

The American Tinnitus Association is an excellent source for those that are looking for treatment options for ringing or noises in the ear. For something that impacts 50 million people, it is vital to educate people appropriately on the subject of tinnitus. This site is an excellent source.

Hearing Loss Association of America

Hearing Loss Association of America provides more information on hearing loss, as well as contacts to an online community of the hearing impaired and family members. There are local chapters of HLAA across America.

If your not for profit organization provides support to the hard of hearing community on the Western Slope of Colorado, please contact us so we can add you to our helpful hearing links page.