Hearing Aid Repair

With many working parts, hearing aid repairs are common. Rocky Mountain Audiology can help!

Hearing Aid Repair & Reprogramming

Rocky Mountain Audiology provides hearing aid maintenance, repair and reprogramming for all makes and models of hearing aids. Reprogramming and repair of hearing aids is also available for out of town or traveling patients. Hearing aids have small working parts, and it is not uncommon over time for a hearing aid to need a repair.

Occasionally, a repair may require that the hearing aids are sent back to their manufacturer for further service, and we typically have loaner hearing aids available at no charge while you wait for your instruments to return. It’s important to note that more than 75% of all hearing aid repairs are due to moisture and/or debris accumulating in the hearing aid and the vast majority of these repairs are completely preventable. It is extremely important to clean the entire hearing aid every time it is removed from your ear by wiping and brushing it.

Common Hearing Aid Issues

Hearing aids have small working parts, so hearing aid repairs are common. You may have tried turning your hearing aid on in the morning just to find that there is no sound. Or, the battery door may have come unhinged. These types of issues can happen, even when the hearing aids are properly cared for. If you should experience an issue with your hearing aid that requires repair, Rocky Mountain Audiology can help with your hearing aid repairs! We are equipped to diagnose broken hearing aids. In fact, some minor repairs can even be completed in the office setting and be performed in a short period of time. Other hearing aid repairs may need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. Dr. Stakiw can help determine what kind of a repair is necessary if you feel your hearing aid is not working properly.

Hearing Aid Repairs

If you are a current patient and have hearing aids that were not fit in our office, we would be happy to try to repair your hearing aids. We are able to service most major manufacturers of hearing aids and can determine if yours is a brand we service. Hearing aids come with a warranty when purchased new. So, if your warranty has expired, it is still possible to repair most hearing aids for a small nominal fee. Depending on the hearing aid manufacturer, your new repair may come with a new warranty. Dr. Stakiw will provide you with details when you bring your hearing aid into the office.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

One easy way to keep your hearing aids in good working order is by properly caring for and maintaining the devices. Rocky Mountain Audiology suggests cleaning them daily with a dry cloth, removing batteries at night to allow any moisture to evaporate and examining them periodically for any scratches, cracks or damages. Also, remember to contact Dr. Stakiw if you discover any kind of malfunction or damage to your device.