Helping A Loved One With Hearing Loss

Have an open and honest conversation if you feel someone close to you is suffering from hearing loss.

Helping A Loved One With Hearing Loss

As our parents get older, they might become hard of hearing. In this case, it’s up to you to help them help themselves. It’s not always easy to discuss certain issues, but the sooner you do, the sooner you can help them to communicate better resulting in a positive, long-term outcome for both you and them.

Here are some useful tips to help your parents in dealing with their hearing loss:

When Is The Right Time?
Pick the right moment to sit down and talk in a compassionate manner. This will make it clear to them that you are doing it out of care and genuine concern. Explain to them that a decline in hearing could lead to missing out on magical moments.

Be The Advocate
Addressing any type of issue takes a lot of courage and your full support is likely to help your parents better deal with the issue.

Attend The Hearing Evaluation Appointment
Visit Rocky Mountain Audiology and Dr. Stakiw with them. You can hear the information presented together and discuss the next steps openly.

Learn About Hearing Aids
Do your homework and find out more about different hearing aids. This will help you to encourage them to understand the benefits e.g. improve the quality of their lives.

Can my friends and family help me with my hearing loss?

Yes. You and your family can work together to make hearing easier. Here are some things you can do to help:

Tell your friends and family about your hearing loss. They need to know that hearing is hard for you. The more you tell the people you spend time with, the more they can help you.

Ask your friends and family to face you when they talk so that you can see their faces. If you watch their faces move and see their expressions, it may help you to understand them better.

Ask people to speak louder, but not shout. Tell them they do not have to talk slowly, just more clearly.

Turn off the TV or the radio if it does not have to be on.

Be aware of noise around you that can make hearing more difficult. When you go to a restaurant, do not sit near the kitchen or near a band playing music. Background noise makes it hard to hear people talk.

Working together to hear better may be tough on everyone for a while. It will take time for you to get used to watching people as they talk and for people to get used to speaking louder and more clearly. Be patient and continue to work together. Hearing better is worth the effort.

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