Why Choose Rocky Mountain Audiology?

We strive to build life long relationships with our patients based on honesty, integrity, and respect.

Why Choose Rocky Mountain Audiology?

Rocky Mountain Audiology's Mission

To maintain the highest integrity of hearing health care.
To provide excellent quality hearing care.
To be a positive influence in each patient’s care.
To deliver superior customer service to each patient.
Treat every patient with respect.
Respect needs of individual patient.
Show compassion to all patients and help them maintain healthy hearing throughout their life.

What Makes Us Different

Rocky Mountain Audiology

A medical clinic focused on outstanding patient care

Has obtained advanced software & product training on the industry's most current technology

Only uses Hearing Aid technology that can be programmed intentionally by other elite audiology clinics

We know our patients by name, and book timely appointments

Rocky Mountain Audiology accepts insurance and exceed your hearing healthcare expectations

Big Box Chains

Retail Model focused only on sales.

Mandated to sell multiple, outdated and defeated hearing aid products

Hearing aids will be locked and be unable for other hearing health professionals to program

Big Box/Retail sees you as a number to keep their hearing aid store open

No convenience with insurance filing or timely appointments

Why Choose Rocky Mountain Audiology?