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Ask Dr. Daria

Untreated hearing loss has many consequences.

Living with untreated hearing loss means difficulty in conversations with others, social gatherings and perhaps lost performances at work. It often becomes too challenging to keep up with the life around you.

Most people typically disregard their hearing loss for five to seven years. Putting off the inevitable will just make it harder to rectify the problem. Your brain gets used to not hearing everyday sounds and the longer you live without sounds, the longer it may take for your brain to understand them again. Regular hearing aid use can help maintain your brains ability to interpret sound.

You may suffer side effects from hearing loss such as:

  • sadness and depression.
  • worry and anxiety.
  • less social activity.
  • emotional turmoil and insecurity.

By not seeking help for your hearing loss, you are missing out on enjoying all that life has to offer. To find out more, Ask Dr. Daria a question and learn about the ways Rocky Mountain Audiology can help!